Development proposal calls for replacing three MLT houses with 19 townhomes


    A local developer is eyeing three lots in the southern portion of the Town Center District in Mountlake Terrace as the site for a potential town homes subdivision and the city is welcoming input on the proposal until the end of the month.

    Landsverk Quality Homes has submitted application to build Solana Townhomes, a 19-lot townhome development, on the northwest corner of the 240th Street Southwest and 55th Avenue West. The half-acre site lies within the Town Center building district that allows for two- or three-story flex-space townhouses.

    Landsverk has been an active builder in Mountlake Terrace during recent years; the company completed a remodel of the Mallory Building, 24113-56th Avenue West, earlier this year and built Brook Glen, a 14-townhome subdivision at 23811 Cedar Way, in 2014.

    Written public comments on the proposed Solana Townhomes are now being accepted by the City of Mountlake Terrace Department of Community & Economic Development at 6100-219th St. S.W. through September 29. The Mountlake Terrace City Council will take up the proposal and conduct a public hearing on the townhomes proposal later this fall.

    — Story and photos by Doug Petrowski


    1. I am sure that the townhomes will be an improvement over the homes that are there presently. My concern is parking. This is my neighborhood. I have seen the people parking in front of houses from the overflow at Arbor Village also from the Shag apartment building. It ruins the feel of the
      neighborhood. It would be great if they made parking to go with all these new dwellings mandatory.

      • My brother has problems with SHAG apartment people parking a block away in front of his house. He barely has room for one car as does the house next to him. Shag people park all along 56th in that vicinity.

      • There is not room for “several” parking spots on the north side of 240th at this site. There is only one lot along the 240th frontage of the redevelopment project. After accounting for distances required from the alley and the 55th corner, my guess is that there would be room for three vehicles on the north side of 240th at that development site. I can see that frontage from my upstairs office. Further, any vehicle larger than a compact car will have challenges negotiating on-site parking. There will be substantial parking spill-over into the neighborhood, possibly including my parking lot in the evenings and on weekends. Ms. Green’s concerns are well-founded.

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