City recognizes former Policing Advisory Board Chair after years of service


The City of Mountlake Terrace recognized Scott Matsuda during Monday’s City Council meeting. Matsuda has spent years on the Policing Advisory Board as both a member and a chair.

A plaque was presented to Matsuda as Assistant Police Chief Pete Caw gave his thanks to Matsuda for his long tenure and service to the community.

“His presence on the Board was a valuable asset,” Caw said. “He set an exemplary standard as a leader and served as a mentor to many.”

Matsuda has been the Chair of the Police Advisory Board from 2012 through late 2015. He first became a member in 2010, Caw said.

Police Chief Greg Wilson also shook his hand in appreciation.

Most of the current Policing Advisory Board was present in the audience to see Matsuda receive his award.

The new Chair of the Board is Erika Ruiz. Brandon Richards serves as co-chair.

The board meets monthly with Caw to discuss community concerns about social issues, crime, personal safety and other related subjects. The board’s latest accomplishment is to realign their makeup so that each of the seven members represents a portion of the City, corresponding with the neighborhoods they reside in. Members actively contact businesses, neighborhood groups and faith based organizations, among others, to ask for input. Additionally, the board is active from planning to participation in all City events such as Tour De Terrace and National Night Out.



  1. Thank you Mr. Matsuda. What years was he active? What does the board do? What are the board’s accomplishments to date? Who is the new chair?




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