Bike2Health Project conducting bicycle counts in South Snohomish County

    A camera on a pole at Walnut Street and 9th Avenue.
    A camera on a pole at Walnut Street and 9th Avenue in Edmonds.

    If you saw tall poles like this one in your neighborhood earlier this week, here’s the reason: They were used to conduct bicycle counts as part of a three-city initiative to improve bicycle routes in the area.

    According to an announcement issued Thursday, the cities of Lynnwood, Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace are preparing to begin construction on Bike2Health, a collaborative effort to complete 11 critical missing links of the existing regional bicycle network in South Snohomish County. Funded by a $1.9 million grant from the Verdant Health Commission, the project is aimed at improving access to health and wellness choices, making bicycling safer, and increasing the region’s connectivity.

    You can see our earlier story on this initiative here.

    Map of Bike 2 Health routes.
    Map of Bike-2-Health routes.

    Prior to beginning construction, the three cities conducted bicycle counts to understand how many cyclists currently ride in the streets where both existing routes and proposed routes will be located. The cities will also conduct counts after construction is complete in order to determine how the new routes affect ridership.

    The data will be compiled into a usage report that assesses ridership and helps pinpoint where more outreach is needed about the benefits of bicycling. The Cities of Edmonds, Lynnwood, and Mountlake Terrace conducted its counts over three days in several locations throughout the cities. Cameras were used to document the number of cyclists in each location between April 26 and April 28. The cameras counted bicycles during morning and evening commute hours at the following locations:

    · 76th Avenue West and Olympic View Drive in Edmonds
    · 68th Avenue West and 200th Street SW in Lynnwood
    · 200th Street Southwest and 48th Avenue West in Lynnwood
    · 9th Avenue South and Walnut Street in Edmonds
    · 76th Avenue West and 212th Street Southwest in Edmonds
    · 52nd Avenue West and 212th Street Southwest in Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace
    · 80th Avenue West and 224th Street Southwest in Edmonds
    · 56th Avenue West and 230th Street Southwest in Mountlake Terrace

    Once complete, Bike2Health will create a regional bicycle network establishing several key north/south and east/west corridors and connecting major destinations (e.g., colleges, civic centers, employment centers, the Interurban Trail, etc.) and transit locations such as Swift bus rapid transit stations, transit centers and the Edmonds Ferry. In total, roughly 10 miles of bicycle network will be completed or connected by installing shared lane markings, bicycle route signage and about six miles of new bicycle lanes.

    For the most up-to-date information on Bike2Health, visit: or email [email protected].


    1. Since moving here, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone riding a bike on the streets (commute). Just some kids riding in their street.

      Same is true in N. Seattle where there are whole sections devoted to bikes but no bikers. Lots of stopped cars though.


    2. Sharon, where do you do your viewing? I frequently see apparent bike commuters on 56th or once in a while along Lakeview Drive. (I am seldom west of I-5.) Although she has not done it lately, my wife used to regularly bike to and from her work at Sand Point. I see lots of stopped cars on the freeway, too.




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