66 kindergartners get new coats from firefighters

    A Mountlake Terrace Elementary kindergartner is trying on her new coat, donated by Snohomish County firefighters. (All photos by Natalie Covate)

    Tuesday morning, the three kindergarten classes at Mountlake Terrace Elementary got a special visit from local firefighters.

    They drove up in a fire engine and an ambulance. With them, they brought boxes full of coats. It’s part of a program called Operation Warm, which donates coats to kids.

    “Everyone should come to school with a warm coat,” said Snohomish County Fire District 1 firefighter Micah Gaston. He is based in Mountlake Terrace.

    A firefighter writes the kindergartner’s name in his new jacket.

    Sixty-six kindergartners hugged their new coats to their bodies against the morning chill. Coats were given to all kindergartners, regardless of need.

    “We always make sure everyone gets a jacket, so it feels inclusive,” Gaston said.

    The coats are donated by Snohomish County firefighters.

    “We’re always looking for ways to be a positive influence,” Gaston said. “Kids see firefighters as their friends.”

    Students are excited to receive their coats.

    Fire District 1 has brought coats to the Mukilteo School District in past years, but this year they came to Mountlake Terrace Elementary. This is the first school to benefit from the program in the Edmonds School District. The coats have all been brought to Title I schools – schools with high populations of low-income families.

    The coats are all American-made. If you would like to donate to the program, visit this website.

    –By Natalie Covate

    Sixty-six new coats and some smiling faces.


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